An Overview and Photos of Our 2009 Tour and AGM in Scotland

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Debra's DNA Participants who came to Scotland
(I think she has about 130 total).
She put these shirts together.Very impressive,
but she is a very impressive person.
The girls in the group are standing in
for their dads or brothers as I am standing in
for my close Dunbar cousin D-4.
Y-DNA passes from father to son
only by surname.
The head table of our 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
in progress, with some of the officers present.
In the photo, Mr. Stephen Bunyan,
Chairman of the Dunbar Community Council
is delivering an outstanding presentation
on Dunbar History, town and family.
Stephen was made an Honorary Member
of Clan Dunbar during this meeting
in appreciation for all he has done
for Clan Dunbar over the years.
The Music Stage
at Holyrood Park
A view from
Princes Street Park
in Edinburgh
Edinburgh Castle
Parade of Clans up The Royal Mile
(looking ahead)
Marching with the clans
(looking back)
...and HERE COME

The 2009 Dunbar tour group outside
St. Giles Cathedral in Glasgow
(where Gavin Dunbar was bishop
in the 1500's, and where the tomb
of St. Mungo is located)