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About Clan Dunbar

Established in 1979

Purpose of Clan Dunbar
The Clan is founded as a voluntary not-for-profit tax exempt organization that is organized exclusively for fraternal, cultural, social charitable, and educational purposes.

Promotion of Scottish Arts
The clan has a vested interest in the promotion and development of the traditional Scottish Arts as they relate to the origins of Scottish related culture.

Advancement of Clan and Scottish Education
The Clan will pursue the advancement of education through the activities above. It will also provide to organized educational institutions such as schools (public and private) , colleges, universities, and other charitable and educational groups, speakers who are knowledgeable in Scottish Culture, affairs, traditions, and how they influence our lives and our society. The Clan shall act as the center of, and the clearing house for, study and research into the Gospatric Earl of Dunbar line, in particular, and into the Scottish culture and people, in general, and into the influence both have had on our life, society and culture.

Services for the Aged
Clan members will provide activities and programs (music, dancing, art, theatrical, etc.) for the benefit and pleasure of elderly and elderly groups.

 Clan Dunbar Chieftain: David Dunbar


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